AT&T/T-Mobile good for rural Georgia consumers

Posted September 23rd, 2011 in AT&T, Georgia, T-Mobile USA and tagged , , by Alton Drew

Sylvia Russell, president of AT&T Georgia, lays out the case for AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile. In a column posted in The Atlanta Voice, Ms. Russell emphasizes the impact the transaction may have on small town and rural residents in the Peach State.

Georgia in particular can do with as much economic development as possible. Our unemployment rate is 10.2%, according to latest figures from the Georgia Department of Labor. The city of Atlanta itself is suffering from an unemployment rate exceeding 11%. Both rural and urban area are hurting here.

The ability for Georgia’s farmers to compete on a real time basis is imperative, as it faces global competition from other producers. A reliable source for the receipt and delivery of accurate price information is a must.

Atlanta is an entrepreneurial city. More African Americans start businesses here than in in any other city in the U.S. Starting up on your own is the only option for more and more individuals. To be successful, business costs have to be kept low, and technology, especially broadband is one way to accomplish that.

Atlanta is a transportation hub, and Georgia is a large state. Dropped calls or the inability to move large amounts of data without interruption cannot be an additional cost that entrepreneurs and the agricultural industry should have to face.

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