I don’t mind Wikipedia’s self-imposed blackout

Posted January 18th, 2012 in Congress, copyright, Internet, SOPA and tagged , by Alton Drew

Wikipedia’s self-imposed blackout over the Stop Online Piracy Act is fine by me. When I taught at a community college, any student who cited Wikipedia qualified for an automatic “F”. I put a few papers into the shredder using that filtering system.

Let’s consider whether freedom of speech means taking another person’s copyrighted material and using it for commercial gain without so much as giving the producer of the content credit for creating it in the first place.

Yes, the Internet facilitates the exchange of information, the ease of which adds great value to the providers of the network and to those information consumers who use the network. If liberals are so concerned about transparency, however, shouldn’t the information consumer have knowledge about where this information is coming from?

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