Will minorities benefit if the FCC lets the market work?

The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council’s Latoya Livingston wrote an insightful blog post on how increasing available spectrum can help entry into the digital economy. Check out her post here.

Ms. Livingston’s article raises two important points. One, why is the FCC afraid of allowing a market strategy such as consolidation do the work that it is not equipped to do? Second, why does the FCC not recognize that growth in the wireless sector does not necessarily mean having a certain number of carriers in the sector?

If you want wireless services produced and distributed at lower costs, you need to allow for scale whenever possible. As wireless services improve with the additional spectrum, entrepreneurs will bring innovative products that enhance the use of wireless networks.

It’s okay to let the market stumble and find itself. We can’t afford to have the FCC trying to hold the industry’s hand every step of the way.

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