What I wanted to ask the commissioners ….

It was pretty cool seeing Federal Communications Commission members Mignon Clyburn, Jessica Rosenworcel, Ajit Pai, and Michael O’Rielly at the Minority Media Telecommunications Council Access to Capital breakfast earlier this morning.  For the MMTC it was historic having four commissioners on the same panel.

Chairman Wheeler piped in later in the morning via a video.

The Four Horsemen talked about E-rate, spectrum auction, the spectrum auction participation waiver for Grain Management, and net neutrality as well as on diversity in media overall.  I expected the commissioners to take questions from the audience but time allegedly did not permit.  I was ticked, for I had two-part question that I wanted them each to answer.  Here is the question:

“Capital abhors a vacuum.  It moves to activities that provide the greatest returns and in technology that means activities that disrupt the current business model.  The FCC regulates broadband and media markets.  Do you have any insights on trends and innovation that may attract new capital to the broadband and media markets?  Also, what should be the FCC’s role in market disruption?”

I did have a second question which Commissioner Pai answered when I caught up with him at the elevator as he was heading back to the FCC.  I asked the Commissioner how he thought the Chiefs were going to do this year and with a smile he said we’d have to wait and see.”

Anyway, if the commissioners read this blog hopefully the’ll take a few moments and answer….

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