I wish I owned the rights to “All My Children”

As an unapologetic he-man and respecter of good theater and acting, I blew a sigh of relief and uttered “good riddance” when I heard that ABC daytime dramas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” were finally leaving the air. Forty plus years of poor writing and poorer acting were 40 years too much. I literally grew up with Susan Lucci having seen her first performance on “All My Children.” I’ll probably watch the last one for the hell of it.

As a die-hard capitalist I’m mad that I don’t own the rights to either show, especially AMC. If you want to increase broadband adoption, move all that content onto a website. That bad boy would crash because of the amount of hits that website would take. Could you imagine ladies sneaking off at lunch with their smartphones watching that joint? AT&T and Verizon would make a killing. Apple would need to create an Erica Kane app. Spectrum crunch? Please. We would be talking spectrum crisis.

Oh well. The people at the FCC would probably find a way to douse water on that idea, too.

Hopefully CBS will move “The Young and the Restless” back to 12:30 now. Ooops. I digress.