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Another Example of How Broadband Provides Access to Diverse Voices

Posted April 4th, 2012 in blog talk radio, Broadband and tagged , , by Alton Drew

On Friday my good friend Janita Poe officially launches her new blog talk radio show, “The Janita Poe Show.” Janita will be using this platform to educate and inform Atlanta about the issues that impact the Black community in particular as well as Americans in general.

Miguel Lloyd with his program, “Life Full Circle” is also doing the same thing. He covers sports, religion, and politics.

The beauty of their programs is that not only can Janita and Miguel get their messages out to residents of Atlanta, and in Miguel’s case Jacksonville, but to the entire planet. Why? The reason is because of broadband.

Whether by hard wire or wireless, broadband access can give us access to these diverse voices. The platforms used by Janita and Miguel means that they can bypass some of the barriers to entry traditional radio imposes on thought drivers who wish to get their messages out to the public.

Broadband is not a panacea for the road blocks imposed by traditional media, but it is facilitating access to another important alternative for news and information.