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So, Honey. What’s Your Klout Score?

Posted March 28th, 2012 in Broadband, Klout, social media and tagged , , by Alton Drew

I don’t think we are at the point yet where on your first date someone pops that question, but we may be getting their sooner than you think. Marketers are using Klout scores to identify social media users that are passionate advocates for services and products. Who better to push Starbucks coffee than a friend in your social network that actually drinks the stuff versus some sexy model actress that we know probably drinks mostly water, Propel, and Crystal Light (yuck).

I’m usually harping broadband as a means for production, but broadband can also provide access to how social media is being leveraged by the Madison Avenue side of American business. Broadband can make you an influencer and provide you access to a lot of perks from marketers.

It’s the 21st century. Let’s get with the program. And if you must know, my kind of lady has a Klout score no lower than 40.