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FCC seeking comments on thresholds for local number portability

Posted October 4th, 2011 in local number portability and tagged by Alton Drew

The Federal Communications Commission will have its hands a little full on All Hallows Eve. While final net neutrality rules go into effect, the FCC will consider recommendations by the North American Numbering Council regarding telephone number quantity and number of days thresholds for porting numbers.

Since telephone service consumers can take their numbers with them when they change local carriers, timeliness on the part of old carriers meeting the request of new carriers to release numbers to them has been an issue.

NANC LNPA recommendation no. 67 offers guidelines for determining how long it should take a carrier to confirm an order for and complete the transfer of telephone numbers depending on the quantity of telephone numbers for which a request is made. A link to the NANC recommendation can be found here, while a link to the FCC‘s rules is located here..

Carriers that currently exceed the recommended standards are encouraged by NANC to continue exceeding the guidelines. Those who are not are being encouraged to do so.