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White House support for deploying first responder network is first step

Posted October 4th, 2011 in D-block spectrum, first responders and tagged , , , by Alton Drew

Vice-President Joe Biden recently touted one of the highlights of the American Jobs Act: the deployment a broadband network for first responders. Mr. Biden stated that the D-block of spectrum, the airwaves necessary for providing a seamless network of connectivity for public safety agencies, would be allocated to them.

The problem with the Act is that it makes mention of voluntary auctions, where broadcast stations would voluntarily give up spectrum (for a price of course) in order to free up spectrum for wireless use.

The administration should persuade the FCC to allocate D-block spectrum directly to first responders, and not make the allocation contingent on voluntary broadcast station auctions, or place any non-profit clearinghouses between first responders and sources of spectrum.